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Who Are We And What We Do

How to pronounce ZnjLnx (Zenj Linux)

Is a group of linux users ,enthusiasts ,developers ,pro's and guru's all teaming up together to better serve the community.

The aim is to make available distribution for all spec's of machine from the lowest to the most powerfull server's ,meeting the environmental and parastatal needs of this isles .

Activities !!!

Ubuntu Linux : A complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support.
znjlnx is distributing copies of ubuntu freely, plse contact us for more details.

Hot Box : A full featured terminal server ,for orgnaization's and public terminal cafe's. Our choice of softwares bundled up together.
Recycle : Are you throwing away any computer parts or old "we mean really old computers". Please let us know. You could help in changing lives of millions.
'intrested to know how contact us for more details'

Hakuna Matata : A web browser of its kind , back end with mozilla's fire fox this clone ,has the looks and feel of being at home ,packaged with themes and skins of E.africa and its wonders .PLUS ability to costumize skins.

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